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  • Deanna Kohlhofer

Training is Hard

I have been through the gamut of training for a race a few times. I’ve done several 5k’s, a couple 10k’s, two half marathons, and a quarter marathon. Don’t be impressed. I didn’t run fast and when I say I trained, I mean I ran consistently three times a week, for most of the weeks leading up to the race. I didn’t work terribly hard on my strength or my diet and I haphazardly followed a running plan and hoped for the best on race day. Truth be told, a finish is a finish and I was more interested in running with my friend and getting a fun t-shirt and sweet medal at the end.

When I trained for my last half marathon, I was doing so to check the gauge on the possibilities of running a full marathon. It’s the only thing on my bucket list and it remains there because I didn’t do so well in the half. I did PR, but it was still a pitiful attempt – for a variety of reasons. While I trained better than I ever had before, I still was not adequately prepared.

I went into hiding from there. Things got ugly with my health and I was in a bad place. Luckily for me, I have a husband who could see the decline and knew how to gently intervene.

Enter Steel Rain Fitness

I never saw myself joining a CrossFit gym. In fact, I was adamantly opposed to it. Those people are crazy, ya know? Slowly, I warmed up to the idea and to date, I am still going strong. I have come to embrace the hard things. The things I don’t like – just like I did with running. I’m not good at any of it, and likely won’t ever be, but I show up and that is half the battle.

I would love to redeem myself on that half marathon. Now that I know the course and what to expect, I feel like I could train better. I have not been running much since that fateful day, so I am starting all over. I’m looking at that as having a clean slate, only this time, I am starting in a little better position. I am physically stronger than I ever was before and that can only improve my running game.

But if it doesn’t, I’ll still be okay.

You see, this running thing is all part of my personal and spiritual growth. I feel like God is using this in my life for a little lesson on control – of which I like to be in charge of. I like to do things on my terms and my way. But in doing so, I am not allowing God room to move. I am not trusting him to move. So just as I am embracing the suck of burpees and thrusters, I am preparing myself to embrace the suck of logging miles. In the process, I will trust that God will get me from point a to point b. That he will clear my schedule and heal the things that ail me. The end will bring more than a cool t-shirt and sweet medal. It will bring me closer to the one who designed me to move in the first place.

So, here’s to training. To dedicating time and discipline to the hard stuff. To obedience and lessons learned. Maybe it will lead to a full marathon. Maybe it won’t. Either way, I will listen and trust and follow his lead. I can’t do any of this without him.