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  • Deanna Kohlhofer

Make it Happen

Everyone has a secret mojo. Whether you realize it or not, there is something deep inside you that, when discovered, sets you free to create. When writing, I often wish for this mojo to come to life. It isn’t a rare occurrence for me to sit at my trusty study table and stare at a blank page. If you were to flip through my journals, you would find a bunch of half-written and jumbled thoughts scribbled out before a good thought is expounded upon.

But even still, I write.

Every single day, I try to put pen to a page – even if only to chicken scratch a few ideas to pursue later. Isn’t that true of pretty much everything in life? I mean, if you want to be a photographer, you are going to take a lot of pictures. Some of them will be in the perfect light with the best angles to portray the exact vision in your head. If you want to be a singer, you are going to belt out tunes. Some of those tunes will be worthy for others to hear. In the process of doing the very thing you were created to do, you are going to practice. A lot.

Afterall, practice does make perfect…

If you are looking for some ideas to take your craft to the next level, check out these seven simple tips to make it happen:

1. Get the right tools for you. Too often we do what everyone else is doing. In the process, we mess ourselves up because we fail to do the things that help us individually. The truth is that the tools don’t get the stuff done. Find what works for you and scrap the rest.

2. Set your goals. Keep these manageable and measurable. Resist the urge to set too high of expectations but don’t be afraid to revise your goals if you are crushing them quickly.

3. Create a habit. You have probably heard that anything worth doing is worth doing right. As a writer, I can’t expect to have the words whenever I decide to take the time to write. I need to practice the art of writing by creating a routine that works in time to write. Take a look at your schedule and see when that is for you. Trolling on Facebook and vegging out on Netflix won’t get you where you want to be!

4. Talk about it. Get yourself one or two trusted friends and share your goals with them. Ask them to hold you accountable. Pick people who will support your goals – even if the rest of the world thinks you are out of your mind. Be open and honest with them along the way about your struggles and your progress and don’t get mad if they push you a little. That is what they should do!

5. Get uncomfortable. Guys, good things happen when we step outside of our comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of being stretched a little. You may not have a great idea yet, but your chances increase once you cross that imaginary line and take a risk.

6. Don’t be afraid to fail along the way – and don’t give up when that inevitable failure happens. Turn the tables and look at things from a different perspective. A thousand failures leads to one success.

7. Do the work and trust the process. I have two very different goals – write a novel and master the handstand walk. I can’t do either today and I won’t likely be successful tomorrow either. But if I do something everyday to sharpen my writing skills and strengthen my shoulders and arms, one day I will accomplish my goals. There are steps to take on the journey. Don’t skip them and trust the process.

The bottom line is this:

Writers write.

Photographers photograph.

Athletes move.

Actors act.

Singers sing.

Teachers teach.

Managers manage.

Preachers preach.

Leaders lead.

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or quit your day job for the allure of your particular craft, do it. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you will have setbacks. Yes, it is scary. But if you want it bad enough, then you need to go after it or else you will live the rest of your life always wondering…

Stop talking. Stop dreaming. Make it happen.