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  • Deanna Kohlhofer

Life Lessons

You guys, this is not newsworthy or anything, but I need to tell you that I got a new pair of eyeglasses.

Cute, right? It is hard to tell with my stellar selfie, but they are purple and brown perfectly marbled together. I love purple and was sold on these frames the second I put them on my face. At the time, my eyes were dilated to the size of China and I really couldn’t see a thing because I’m blind without corrective lenses, but I could see enough to know these were it. Plus, I was getting a headache and needed to make a decision.

I was not disappointed when I got the call to come pick these bad boys up. Do you know what I noticed when I put them on? I didn’t notice how pretty they were. I didn’t notice how they matched the coat I was wearing. I didn’t even notice that they were bifocals my eyes needed to adjust to. I noticed how clearly I could see. Immediately. I have not updated my glasses prescription in several years (like seven, actually). I could still see so I didn’t want to waste the money. Don’t worry – I did update my contacts every year so I wasn’t a danger on the road – or walking.

I was amazed at how well I could suddenly see with my new specs. My drive home was spent noticing the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, the crisp wording on the street signs, the bright blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds, the letters and numbers on license plates, and so much more. I had gotten so used to dull and blurry vision that I had no idea what I was missing in the world around me.

This morning, during my quiet time, I read this verse and was reminded about the need to focus. I thought it paired well with my newly cleared vision.

I am a planner so I love to look ahead {and plan for it}. Now don’t you go shaking your head in judgement quite yet. Rest assured, I know, as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t always adequately be prepared for what comes my way. I also know, without a doubt, that things don't always look like they are going to end well - like when you eat all the chips and salsa at your favorite Mexican restaurant and then stuff yourself to capacity when your tacos arrive.

You know what I mean.

Sometimes situations seem bleak. Sometimes bad stuff leads us to despair. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place of fear. Sometimes anxious thoughts consume us. Sometimes people who are stronger than us beat us down. Sometimes well-meaning friends hurt our feelings. Sometimes complete strangers make us angry. You fill in the blank - there are hundreds of reasons for us to throw our hands up and say, :thisis really hard...or bad...our out of control."

But hear this.

My view of the world around me reminded me of a little something - there are two perspectives to every situation. Sometimes I *think* things are the way they are just because... Someone made a bad decision. Someone exerted power. Someone reacted in anger. When they did, it started a chain reaction and affected me in a negative way. When I look at a situation in which I feel like the one losing, it is easy to miss the good in the ugly. But when I change my view a little, I can see the situation differently. With clarity, even. And I can recognize that not everything in life is bad, and not all the bad is the end of the road. Sometimes we just need to put on a new pair of glasses in order to see the good emerge.