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  • Deanna Kohlhofer

Fitness Motivation

I don’t understand people who live to workout. I mean, working out is great. Don’t misinterpret that. I love to workout – but I also love to sit on my couch and read a book. I do. I can’t lie. I am kind of lazy. People say, “Never miss a Monday.” I say, “Eh, there is always Tuesday.”

In all honesty, I do love my gym. If you follow me on Facebook or Insta, you know that I post pretty regularly about the torture that goes on within. I mean that in a very loving way. The torture is good – it just sucks sometimes because I don’t love to workout. Come to think of it, I’m probably not a good representative for the gym. I hate lifting weights more than I can express. Burpees will be the death of me someday {mark my words}. And please, do not get me started about the rig. It is nothing but a scary hunk of metal that steals my joy.

But I need to workout.

Truth is, you guys, I love to eat. I love whipped cream on my coffee. I love cheese on my eggs. Dark chocolate is the way to my heart. The darker the chocolate, the deeper the love. When I deprive myself of the things I enjoy, I feel jipped. When I feel jipped, I agonize over my decisions. Eventually, I cave and when I do, I go overboard. No self-control. So instead of getting myself to the point of eating all.the.ice.cream. I allow myself to eat ice cream.

Don’t freak out, healthy people. I know my limits. If the ice cream is in the house – I will eat it. All of it. And I will do so quickly. Not in one sitting, but for breakfast. And probably lunch too. That is what sugar does to my brain. It tells me I want more…and more…and unreasonably more. So instead, I will go to the ice cream store and buy a single serving to enjoy – and then there is no more. There is also no guilt.

I have no shame about that. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. If someone tells me I can’t eat the things I like, I will politely nod my head in agreement and promptly ignore their words. I generally eat okay, but I eat what I want – especially if someone tells me I can’t. Then I eat more. It’s the rebel in me. But don’t try telling me to eat more broccoli. Reverse psychology doesn’t work with me. I minored in psychology. I’m onto you.

My love of food drives me to the gym or entices me to lace up my running shoes. I am not a person who is motivated to do either "just because." I need purpose, something to look forward to, or the whispers of my cozy couch scream loud and win my attention.

When I was training for races, I think I ate the best. I knew that I needed to fuel my body properly in order to sustain long distances. I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, so I was kind of forced to be conscientious of every decision if I wanted to cross the finish line. When I am not training for something, all bets are off.

I want to get back into the running game, but I want to stick to short distances. I know 5k’s won’t motivate me very long. They just aren’t that exciting. My husband has mentioned a couple of times that I should train for a CrossFit competition. Not THE CrossFit competition, but some smaller ones. You know, for fun.

Clearly, he doesn’t know the woman he married.

I am not CrossFit competition material. One of previous trainers was training for competition. THE competition. Look at her. And look at me. Do you notice any differences?

Of course you do! She is a beast. She has muscles. She loves to workout. It’s what she does. She is disciplined to do so. You guys - she doesn’t eat cheese. What human doesn’t eat cheese? On purpose! And then there is me. Hmm…what can I say? I simply don’t compare. Sure, I am gaining teeny, tiny muscles, and I am losing pounds and inches, but I can’t do the things required of a CrossFit competition to save my life. Let me be very clear - Landri is smiling because she can show off what "strong" looks like on the outside. I am smiling because there was a little girl on the other side of the camera who wanted to take a picture.

When I think about doing a competition, I laugh and laugh and laugh. But then I think, maybe… Maybe someday I can. That is what keeps me going. Those thoughts. I absolutely, positively, do not have the competition mindset. I like working out because it is fun and allows me to eat cake. I know I will never, ever, in a million years be built like Landri or be able to do the crazy things she does - even if I tried. So no, I won't likely sign up for a competition, but that won’t stop me from trying to master a handstand - and other "fitness things." That is what training is all about. Getting stronger. Being better. That is what motivates me.

So yes, I love food and I workout so that I can eat it. But honestly, I also enjoy the process of clearing my mind a few days a week. Life is tough sometimes and I need a safe outlet. Hitting the pavement and running a couple of miles or heading to the gym to sweat bullets for an hour does wonders for me. I get my best ideas when I have no way of recording them. And if I don’t remember then by the time I get home, I can refuel with an egg {extra cheesy} and know that I am one step closer to my goals. I won't be in competition with others, but I can be in competition with myself. Today, I am stronger than I was yesterday. Tomorrow, I will be stronger than I am today. That's an exciting motivator.

What are you doing to reach your goals?