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  • Deanna Kohlhofer

90 Seconds

I did something some people might deem crazy. I spent actual money on notecards. The kind you mail.


I know. I know. Mailing cards and letters is so 1980, but you guys, I am on a quest to bring it back, right along with high waist jeans and scrunchies. Okay, I’m not bringing back high waist jeans and scrunchies. Both are fashion no-no’s for a middle-aged woman, but notecards hold no age barriers.

I remember my grandfather and I exchanging the occasional card when I was younger. The thrill of coming home and finding something addressed to me in the mailbox was incredible. Grandpa was a funny guy and it was exciting to wonder what silliness I would find inside. Don’t you wish you could have a little silliness in your mailbox as an adult? The only thing I consistently receive are the bills I have forgotten to go paperless with.

Admit it. You think it is fun to receive something other than a bill or a notice or junk you throw away. Occasionally, I will receive a postcard from one of the leaders at my church thanking me for serving. It makes me smile every time. I also receive a weekly postcard from my dad. His encouraging words are typically very timely and also bring a smile to my face. Such a simple thing to do and it probably took them all of 90 seconds. But the gesture brightened my day and stayed with me.

90 seconds can change the world.

What if we all committed to send just one card to someone in the few days we have left in this month? I’m being serious here. If you are reading this or sharing this or trying to ignore this like a sassy teenager – I am talking to you. We all know someone. Let me give you a few ideas:

- Make a batch of cookies and bring it to your neighbor with a note thanking them for being a good neighbor.

- Send a note to a pastor or teacher who taught you or challenged you in some way last week.

- Buy a gift card for a teenager in your life and encourage them in their academics or sport.

- Leave a thank you note and tip for a busy and frazzled waitress.

It doesn’t matter what you do. The point it that it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to tell someone they are appreciated or to express how someone has inspired you.

90 seconds can change someone’s day for the better. So, grab yourself a package of fun, bright notecards (like these), to keep on hand when you have a free 90 seconds in your day. When someone comes to your mind. When you read a social media post. When you see someone at the store. Take 90 seconds of your life and brighten someone’s day.

There is power in the ancient practice of writing words on a notecard. Are you willing to try?

At the mailbox with you,


PS: I received these notecards at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review via Tomoson.